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Welcome to Special Services


Students with disabilities can achieve great things in school when they receive the supports and services they require.  While not every child with a disability will require special education services, every child whose disability affects their school progress is entitled to receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) to meet their distinct needs.

The Georgetown County School District Office of Special Services offers a comprehensive program to support development, implementation, operation, and evaluation of educational services for children with disabilities ages 3 to 21. These exceptional classes range from part-time to full-time and are located at various schools throughout the district.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality educational services to students with disabilities by implementing individualized, research and standards-based interventions, instruction and assessments, as we prepare them to become productive, responsible members of their community.



Michael Caviris (843) 436-7125
Executive Director for Special Services Email Michael Caviris
Miriam R Daniels (843) 436-7124
Director for Special Services Email Miriam Daniels
Dana Parrott (843) 436-7130
Coordinator for Psychological Services and Mental Health Support Email Dana Parrott
Penny Cooper (843) 436-7128
Administrative Secretary - Finance, Equipment Email Penny Cooper
Joni Grant (843) 436-7127
Administrative Secretary - IEP, PT/OT Referrals Email Joni Grant
Becky Wheeler (843) 436-7123
Administrative Secretary - Homebound/Homebased, Transportation Email Becky Wheeler
Debbie Swails (843) 436-7133
Administrative Assistant - Medicaid, Records Email Debbie Swails
Jamie Bromell (843) 436-7132
Secretary - IEP Email Jamie Bromell
Reanna Cohens (843) 436-7118
Pre-School Transition Specialist Email Reanna Cohens
Gary Nuss (843) 436-7136
Orientation and Mobility Specialist Email Gary Nuss