COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions 21-22

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions 21-22
Posted on 02/28/2022


COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions 2021-22
(Revised 02/28/2022)

Can students wear masks? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) no longer recommends universal indoor mask wearing in K-12 schools or on buses or vans operated by public school systems in areas with a low or medium COVID-19 Community Level (SCDE Memorandum February 25, 2022). Mask wearing is a personal/family choice and is not mandated or required by GCSD.

Is Plexiglass available?  Yes, Plexiglass is available for students upon written requests by parents.  It should be noted CDC and DHEC guidance no longer have any references about the use of Plexiglass.

What happens if my student tests positive for COVID-19?  Isolation is required for all cases of COVID-19. Students testing positive for COVID-19 need to isolate for at least 5 days following the positive test, regardless of vaccination status.  Students can return to school on day 6 IF they are asymptomatic AND without fever for the previous 24 hours (and have not used fever-reducing medication during that time). Per DHEC guidelines, upon returning to school, a mask must be worn through Day 10.

What happened to the quarantine protocols? SCDHEC guidance from February 22, 2022, 
recognizes that COVID-19 is an illness that we now need to treat and manage as endemic.  Based on this guidance, GCSD suspended Test to Stay and quarantine in all schools effective February 28, 2022. If a school has suspended Test to Stay or quarantine and has two consecutive weeks with 10 percent or more of all students and staff having COVID-19, either Test to Stay or quarantine will be reinstated.

When is someone considered vaccinated? Maximally vaccinated applies only to individuals 18 years of age and older. To be maximally vaccinated an individual must have completed their primary vaccine series and have a booster shot if eligible.  Fully vaccinated applies to individuals ages 5 to 17. To be fully vaccinated an individual must have completed their primary vaccine series.

Do you accept At-Home Rapid-Test results? Yes.  Use of At-Home Rapid-Test results requires submission of a completed At-Home Rapid-Test Results Attestation Form in order for results to be used. Individuals may not return early if they are having symptoms, regardless of test results.

Where can I obtain an At-Home Rapid Test kit? Rapid At-Home Test kits are available from schools for students exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.  Test kits can also be ordered from

Where do I submit my student’s test results?  Submit COVID-19 test results to the school nurse via email or at the school.

Where can I find additional information about isolation and quarantine? Additional information can be found in the SCDHEC COVID-19 GUIDANCE for K-12 SCHOOLS.

How will my student learn in isolation?  It depends on the age of the student and the type of class or classes.  Some of the methods include work packets, Google classroom, and dual modality. Students will be provided a district learning device or may use their own device to access Google Classrooms or dual modality where they will be able to participate in their regular classes.

What strategies are being used to reduce transmission of COVID-19 in GCSD schools?  GCSD has implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols in all of its facilities using the latest equipment and cleaning products.  Handwashing and respiratory etiquette are taught at all levels.  Physical distancing is in place to the extent possible.  Vaccination is strongly recommended and encouraged.

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