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Monday - Friday 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
24-Hour Information Line (843) 436-7043


 *** Due to continued flooding, road closures and safety issues, Georgetown County School District will be closed for students on Monday, October 12. All employees will report to school at their regular time, as safety permits.


On Tuesday, October 13, Georgetown County School District will operate on a two-hour delay for students. Buses will run on a two-hour delay. Employees will report at their regular times. Parents may drop off their children at school at the regular time, if necessary.


Buses will operate on Tuesday, October 13, however some routes may be modified due to road closures and detours. Expect delays. A list of road closures will be posted on Monday afternoon at


After-school activities – including athletic events – may resume on Monday, October 12, at the discretion of each school’s principal.


The safety of our students, staff and community members remains the top priority of the Georgetown County School District. If it is unsafe to get to school, absences will be excused and missed work can be made-up. Do not attempt to go to school if conditions are unsafe. By working together, we are striving to safely get through this historic flooding. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. ***



Georgetown County School District buses will run on a two-hour delay for Tuesday, October 13. Buses will try to run on their normal routes, but road closures will prevent some stops from being made. Buses will not run past “Road Closed” signs.

Below is a list of road closures as of Monday afternoon:

Altman Road off Rose Hill
Belton off Dunbar
Big Dam Swamp Road
Billyfield (Lamberttown)
Brown’s Ferry Road
David Ray Road from N. Frasier
Dawhoo Bluff
Dunbar Road from Hwy. 51 to Rose Hill
Edgewater off Hwy 41
Etheridge Road
False Road at Hannah Loop
Feildcrest at Mingo Creek
Flint at Berry off St. Delights
Fuzzy Drive
Handy Hill in Dunbar
Hill at Hicks Drive
Hwy. 41 at Horsepen Creek
Hwy. 51 from Hwy. 41 to Johnson Road
Island Road off Indian Hut
Overcup and Vassey off Hwy. 41
Pine Tree Lane
Pine Tree Landing Road
Poplar and Pine in Andrews
Pineland off Hwy. 41
Plower off Pennroyal
Puncheon Creek at Gapway
Rose Hill Road between Choppee Road and Dunbar Road
Rose Hill at Antiwine
Rose Hill Road from Hwy. 831
Stamper Road on Andrews Hwy. 41
Thurgood Marshall
Van Vlake
Vassey off Hwy. 41
Willie Road
Wildhorse off Hwy. 17A

If you have questions about bus stops call:

Carvers Bay-area schools: Richretta Haynes at 843.344.5207
Andrews/Sampit-area schools: Delores Johnson at 843.458.6751
Georgetown-area schools: Vanessa White at 843.344.7414
Waccamaw-area schools: Rudolph Brown at 843.458.6953
District Transportation Office at 843.436.7182 or 843.436.7185




 Act 155 Diploma Petition Information

 The mission of the Georgetown County School District is to provide challenging educational programs that require all students to meet high academic standards and that prepare all students to be responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

Georgetown County School District does not discriminate or tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, gender, age, religion, national origin or disability in its workplace and/or in any of its educational programs or activities.  Employees, students and/or parents/guardians who believe they have been discriminated against are encouraged to bring their concerns to the attention of the District for investigation and corrective action as specified in Board Policy.  The Board Policy Manual can be accessed by clicking here.

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