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2018 Church Street
Georgetown, SC 29440
(843) 436-7069

Business Services is responsible for maintaining adequate accounting procedures to record in detail all financial transactions in accordance with South Carolina State Department of Education's Financial Accounting Handbook and the Georgetown County School District's Financial Manual.

Accounts Payable
Accounts payable is responsible for paying invoices for all schools, departments and entities.

Georgetown County School District is the agent for receipt, disbursement and expenditure of all federal, state and county funds allocated for public education. Business Services will ensure that the District's funds are distributed on a fair and equitable basis through a budget which translates the Board of Education's priorities into fiscal terms.

Financial Management Systems
Business Services runs all its financial applications on Dell servers, using CSI Technology Outfitters' financial software and Softdocs imaging and electronic forms software.

Records Management
Records Management is responsible for following the retention schedules set in place by The South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Archives and Records Management Division. These guidelines are in place to give the school district the legal authorization to retain and dispose of records and to protect permanently valuable records, which should be properly protected for future use.

The Payroll Department is responsible for the regular semi-monthly payroll, all supplemental payrolls, sick leave, payroll deductions, and Direct Deposit. The Payroll Department also processes income verifications, submission of State Retirement contributions, State and Federal taxes and the SC Retirement final contribution report.

The procurement staff is entrusted with the oversight and acquisition and of all goods and services for the Georgetown County School District.

Special Revenue

The mission of the Special Revenue office is to assist district staff with the completing of grant applications, monitor budgets, report activity to appropriate funding sources and complete audit work as requested by the state. 



Lisa Johnson (843) 436-7070
Associate Superintendent for Finance and Technology Email Lisa Johnson
Lisa Ackerman (843) 436-7027
Director of Bond Referendum Construction & Procurement Email Lisa Ackerman
Bobbie Altman (843) 436-7069
Executive Secretary Email Bobbie Altman
Katerina Bomar (843) 436-7086
Payroll Specialist III Email Katerina Bomar
Judy Cooper (843) 436-7029
Procurement Clerk Email Judy Cooper
Crystal L Eaddy (843) 436-7026
Buyer Email Crystal Eaddy
Brenda Pyatt Ferguson (843) 436-7061
Special Revenue Grants Accountant Email Brenda Ferguson
Shantelle Gore (843) 436-7104
Payroll Specialist III Email Shantelle Gore
Karen S Greene (843) 436-7100 / 7097
Records Management Email Karen Greene
Renee McKenzie (843) 436-7064
Accountant Email Renee McKenzie
Katherine Mitchum (843) 436-7066
Accountant Email Katherine Mitchum
Deidra Odom (843) 436-7092
Accounts Payable Clerk Email Deidra Odom
Ray Pittman (843) 436-7063
Courier/Surplus Clerk Email Ray Pittman
John Paul (843) 4367025
Director of Procurement Email John Paul
Donna Redick (843) 436-7098
Financial Systems Manager Email Donna Redick
Kathy Smith (843) 436-7082
Payroll Coordinator Email Kathy Smith
Candy Sorensen (843) 436-7068
Accounting Clerk Email Candy Sorensen
Chelice Waites (843) 436-7091
Property and Accounts Receivable Manager Email Chelice Waites
Vicki Williams (843) 436-7184
Procurement Coordinator Email Vicki Williams