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Human Resources
Human Resources is responsible for all district personnel
and employment matters



All Board Policies can be found here:



    Please see the Benefits section for important information regarding the Affordable Care Act 


Jon Tester (843) 436-7203
Executive Director for Human Resources Email Jon Tester
Doug Jenkins (843) 436-7147
Director for Human Resources Email Doug Jenkins
Dr. Patricia Canada (843) 436-7046
ADEPT Coordinator Email Dr. Patricia Canada
Myrtle Brown Morris (843) 436-7151
Coordinator of Human Resources Email Myrtle Morris
Mary Elizabeth N Prosser (843) 436-7007
Mentor Coordinator Email Mary Elizabeth Prosser
Jacqueline Zuraw (843) 436-7145
Executive Secetary for Human Resources Email Jacqueline Zuraw
Alicia Mercer (843) 436-7009
Administrative Secretary for ADEPT Email Alicia Mercer
Elise Kelly (843) 436-7146
Administrative Secretary for Human Resources Email Elise Kelly
Aisha Greene (843) 436-7144
Benefits Assistant Email Aisha Greene
Yolanda Bradford (843) 436-7000
District Receptionist Email Yolanda Bradford