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Welcome to Career and Technology Education


This is the start of a great year in Career and Technology Education (CATE).  As the Director of CATE, I can express with certainty that CATE educators and I are energized, motivated, and committed to the initiative to rebuild CATE that prepares students to be  career, college, and workforce ready.

The CATE initiative includes efforts to address CATE awareness, partnering with business and industry, program marketing, student recruitment, and student retention.

CATE extends opportunities for all students to bridge the gap between learning and earning--> Opportunities that are skilled based and can be advanced at the technical college level often resulting in certifications, employment, and a better way of life.

Join CATE educators in an active role to rebuild CATE

Walk in greatness and Walk in CATE (WIGWIC)




LaPariscena Singleton (843) 436-7225
Director of Career and Technology Education Email LaPariscena Singleton
Judi Bombich (843) 436-7018
Administrative Assistant for Curriculum and Career and Technology Email Judi Bombich