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Board Policy Manual

Folder Section A - Foundations and Basic Commitments (5 Files)
Download AA-School District Legal Status
Download AC-Nondiscriminationan-Equal Opportunity
Download AE-School District Goals and Objectives
Download AE-E-School District Goals and Objectives Exhibit
Download AG-Accomplishment Reporting to the Public
Folder Section B - School Board Governance and Operations (43 Files)
Download BB-BBAA-Legal Status-Board Member Authority
Download BBA- School Board Powers and Duties
Download BBB-School Board Elections
Download BBBA-Board Member Qualifications
Download BBBB-Board Member Oath of Office
Download BBBC-Orientation for New Members
Download BBC-Board Member Resignation
Download BBD-Board Member Removal From Office
Download BBE-Unexpired Term Fulfillment
Download BBF-Board Member Conduct
Download BBFA-Board Member Conflict of Interest
Download BBFA-E-Conflict of Interest (Exhibit)
Download BBFB-Board Member Code of Ethics
Download BCA-Board Organizational Meeting
Download BCB-Board Officers
Download BCD-Board-Superintendent Relationship
Download BCE-Board Committees
Download BCF- School Improvement Councils
Download BCF-R School Improvement Councils (Admin. Rule)
Download BCG-School Attorney
Download BDA-Regular Board Meetings
Download BDB-Special Board Meetings
Download BDC-Executive Sessions
Download BDDA-Notification of Board Meetings
Download BDDB/BDDC-Agenda Format-Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
Download BDDD-Quorum
Download BDDE-Rules of Order
Download BDDF-Voting Method
Download BDDG-Minutes
Download BDDH-Public Participation in Board Meetings
Download BE-Board Work Sessions and Retreats
Download BFA-Policy Development System
Download BFC-Policy Adoption
Download BFCA - Board Review of Regulations
Download BFD-Policy Dissemination
Download BFE - Administration in Policy Absence
Download BFF-Suspension of Policies
Download BFG-Policy Review and Evaluation
Download BG-Board Staff Communications
Download BHD-Board Member Compensation and Expenses
Download BHE-Board Member Insurance
Download BI-Legislative Program
Download BJ-School Board Memberships
Folder Section C - General School Administration (4 Files)
Download CBB - Appointment of the Superintendent
Download CC- Administrative Orgainzational Plan
Download CGD - Administrative Hiring
Download CM - School District Annual Report
Folder Section D - Fiscal Management (17 Files)
Download DBB - Fiscal Year
Download DBC - Budget Process
Download DC - Taxing and Borrowing
Download DFAA - Use of Surplus Funds
Download DH - Bonded Employees and Officers
Download DI - Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
Download DIBA - Foundations, Booster Clubs, and Other Organizations
Download DIBA-E Booster Club and Other Support Organization Registration Form
Download DIBA-R - Foundations, Booster Clubs, and Other Organizations
Download DID - Inventories
Download DIE - Audits-Financial Monitoring
Download DJ - Purchasing
Download DKA-Payroll Procedures Schedules
Download DKC-E Expense Reimbursement (Travel)
Download DKC-Expense Reimbursment (travel)
Download DM - Cash in School Buildings
Download DN - School Properties Disposal Procedure
Folder Section E - Support Services (39 Files)
Download EA - Business Management Goals and Objectives
Download EB - Building and Grounds Management
Download EB-E- Fire Extinguisher Monthly Check List
Download EB-R- Fire Extinguisher Administrative Regulation
Download EBBC - Emergency Drills
Download EBBCA-E- Information Supplied by Georgetown County Civil Defense Agency
Download EBBCB- Written Hazard Communication Program
Download EBBCB-E- Hazard Communication Sign-In Sheet
Download EBBD - Emergency Closings
Download EBBD-R Emergency Closings
Download EBBE- AED Program
Download EBBE-E- AED Follow Up Incident Report
Download EBBE-E- AED Monthly Inspection Record 12 month
Download EBBE-E- AED Protocol
Download EBBE-R AED Program
Download EBC Security (of school property)
Download EBCA Vandalism Protection
Download EBD - Heating and Lighting
Download EBE-Building and Grounds Cleaning Program
Download EBG- Building and Grounds Repairs
Download EBI Long Range Maintenance Program of Buildings and Grounds
Download EC - Materials and Equipment Management
Download ECF-Equipment and Supplies Maintenance
Download ECH Authorized Use of Equipment and Supplies
Download ED Student Transportation Management Bus Safety Program
Download ED-E Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
Download ED-R Student Transportation Management Bus Safety Program
Download EDCB - Bus Conduct
Download EDCB-R
Download EE- Food Services Management
Download EEA- Free or Reduced Price Food Service
Download EFE - Competitive Food Sales
Download EGA- Staff Insurance Program
Download EGA-R- Staff Tax Sheltered Annuities
Download EGAF-Telephone Usage
Download EGB Student Insurance Program
Download EGB-R- Student Insurance Program
Download EGD - Tort Liability Insurance
Download South Carolina Code of Laws
Folder Section F - Facilities Development (6 Files)
Download FA - Goals and Objectives
Download FCC-Preservation of Schools' Historical Documents and Artifacts
Download FDC - Naming Schools and Facilities
Download FEB - Selection of Professional Services
Download FEB-R - Selection of Professional Services - R
Download FED - Plans and Specifications
Folder Section G - Personnel (56 Files)
Download GA-District Staffing Plan
Download GA-R School District Staffing Formula
Download GBA-Equal Opportunity Employer
Download GBAA Sexual Harassment
Download GBAA-R Sexual Harassment
Download GBEA-Staff Ethics Conflict of Interest
Download GBEAB Employee Suspension and Dismissal
Download GBEB-Staff Conduct
Download GBEBB-Staff Conduct with Students
Download GBEBC-Staff Gifts and Solicitations
Download GBEBDA Criminal Record Checks
Download GBEC-Drug-Free Workplace
Download GBECA-Searches of Staff Members
Download GBG-Staff Protection
Download GBGA-Employee Health Examinations
Download GBGD-R-Workers Compensation
Download GBGD-Workers Compensation
Download GBJ-Personnel Records
Download GBK 2-Title I Complaint Procedure
Download GBK Complaints and Grievances
Download GBK-E-Employee Grievance form
Download GBK-R Complaints and Grievances
Download GBRF-E Personnel Expenses Form
Download GBRF-Professional Personnel Expenses
Download GBRF-R-Personnel Expenses Tuition Reimbursement
Download GCB-Professional Personnel Compensation
Download GCBC-E Academic Supplements
Download GCBC-E Extra-Curricular Supplements
Download GCBC-Extra Duty
Download GCC-E-FMLA
Download GCC-Employee Leaves and Absences
Download GCC-R-Employee Leaves and Absences
Download GCF-Teacher Recruitment and Hiring
Download GCFB-Hiring of Administrative Staff
Download GCFC-E Teacher Certification Responsibility
Download GCFC-Professional Personnel Certification
Download GCG Part-Time, Temporary, and Substitute Staff Employment
Download GCG-R Part-Time, Temporary, and Substitute Staff Employment
Download GCI-Professional Staff Development
Download GCK Personnel Assignment and Transfer
Download GCK-E Personnel Assignment and Transfer
Download GCK-R Personnel Assignment and Transfer
Download GCO-E Teacher Evaluation
Download GCO-Personnel Evaluation
Download GCO-R-Personnel Evaluation
Download GCQ-Employee Resignation
Download GCQA-Employee Reduction and Reassignment in Force
Download GCQA-R Employee Reduction and RIF Procedures 9-12
Download GCR-Non-School Employment
Download GCRC-Staff Consulting Activities
Download GCRD-Tutoring for Pay
Download GCS-Staff Research and Publishing
Download GDF-Support Staff Hiring
Download GDMD-District Funded Training
Download GDMD-E Request to Attend Out of District Professional Meeting
Folder Section H: (NONE) (0 Files)
Folder Section I - Instruction (67 Files)
Download IB-Academic Freedom
Download ICA-School Calendar
Download ICFB-Charter Schools
Download ICFB-E-Charter Schools Exhibit
Download ICFB-R-Charter Schools Admin Rule
Download ID-School Day
Download IFB - Curriculum Pilot Projects
Download IFD-Curriculum Adoption
Download IFE-Curriculum Modification and Assessment
Download IFE-R-Curriculum Modification and Assessment 5-12
Download IGA-Basic Instructional Program
Download IGBH-Instr at a Place Other Than School-Home Schooling
Download IGBH-R-Instr at a Place Other Than School-Home Schooling Adm
Download IGCA-Summer School-Extended Year
Download IGCC-Honors Program
Download IGCD-Advanced College Placement Programs
Download IGCD-R-Advanced College Placement Programs Admin Rule
Download IGDA-Student Organizations
Download IGDB-Student Publications
Download IGDC-Student Social Events
Download IGDJ Interscholastic Athletics and Other Extracurricular Activities
Download IGE-Adult-Community Education
Download IGE-R - Adult Community Education
Download IHA - Grading System
Download IHAE- Physical Education
Download IHAF Healthy and Nutritious School Environment
Download IHAF-R Healthy and Nutritious School Environment
Download IHAK - Character Education
Download IHAQ-Career-Transition to Work Education
Download IHCDA-Dual Credit courses
Download IIAA-Textbook Selection and Adoption
Download IIAB-Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption
Download IIAC- Media Center Materials Selection and Adoption
Download IIBE- Instructional Television
Download IICA-Field Trips and Excursions
Download IICA-R-Field Trips and Excursions
Download IICC-R-School Volunteers Rule
Download IICC-School Volunteers
Download IJ- Guidance Program
Download IJNBB-Use of Technology Resources in Instruction
Download IJNC - Teacher Center
Download IJNC-R - Teacher Center
Download IJND-Acceptable Use
Download IJND-E-Acceptable Use Exhibit
Download IJND-R-Acceptable Use
Download IJOB-Resource Persons-School Volunteers
Download IKAB-Report Cards-Student Progress Reports to Parents
Download IKAD-Parent Conferences
Download IKC- Class Ranking
Download IKC-E-Class Ranking
Download IKD-Honor Rolls
Download IKE-District Level Review - Exhibit C
Download IKE-Promotion and Retention
Download IKE-R - Academic Plans
Download IKE-Student Acad. Plan - Exhibit A
Download IKE-Student Acad. Plan - Exhibit B
Download IKF- Graduation Requirements
Download IKFA - Early Graduation
Download IKFB - Graduation Exercises
Download ILB- Test Administration
Download ILC Use and Dissemination of Assessment Results
Download ILC-R Evaluation of Instructional Programs approved 4-23-13
Download INB Teaching About Controversial Issues
Download INC Controversial Speakers
Download INC-R Controversial Speakers
Download ING- Animals in the School
Download INH- Class Interruptions
Folder Section J - Students (54 Files)
Download JB - Equal Educational Opportunities
Download JBF - Released Time for Religious Instruction
Download JBF-R - Released Time for Religious Instruction
Download JC/JCA/JECB - Attendance Zones / Transfers / Withdrawals
Download JCAC - Use of Metal Detectors
Download JCAC-R - Use of Metal Detectors
Download JCAD - Gang Activity or Association
Download JCAD-R - Gang Activity or Association
Download JCDA - Student Behavior Code
Download JEA JEB JECA 05 15
Download JEA/JEB/JECA-E Entrance and Attendance Age/School Admissions
Download JED - Absences and Excuses
Download JED-R - Absences and Excuses Admin Rule
Download JF- Students Rights and Responsibilities
Download JF-E - Student Rights and Responsibilities - Exhibit
Download JF-E - Suspension 5 or more days
Download JF-E - Suspensions 1 to 5 days
Download JF-R - Students Rights and Responsibilities - Administrative Rule
Download JFA - Interrogations and Searches
Download JFA-R - Interrogations and Searches
Download JFABB - Exchange Students
Download JFH Student Complaints
Download JFH-E Student Complaints
Download JG - Student Welfare
Download JG-R - Student Wellfare Administrative Rule - Reporting
Download JHA - Student Insurance Program
Download JHA-R - Student Insurance Program Administrative Rule
Download JHCA - Physical Examination of Students
Download JHCB - Inoculations of Students
Download JHCB-R - Inoculations of Students Admin Rule
Download JHCC - Communicable Diseases
Download JHCC-E - Communicable Disease Exhibit
Download JHCC-R - AIDS-HIV
Download JHCD - Administering of Medicines by District Employees
Download JHCD-E - Administering Medicines by District Employees Exhibit
Download JHCD-R - Administering Medicines by District Employees Administrative Rule
Download JHCDA Individual Health Care Plans
Download JHCDA-E Authorization for sel administration of medication
Download JHFA - Supervision of Students
Download JHFC - Student Bicycle Use
Download JHFD - Student Automobile Use
Download JICA- Student Dress/School Uniforms
Download JICA-E- Student Dress/School Uniforms
Download JICFAA Harassment, Intimidation or Bullying
Download JICFAA-E Harassment, Intimidation or Bullying
Download JICFB Sex Gender Discrimination and Harassment
Download JICFB-R 04 15 Sex-Gender Discrimination and Harassment
Download JJ - Student Volunteers - School Service
Download JK - Employment of Students
Download JLD - Student Psychological Services
Download JO - Student Records
Download JO-R - Student Records and Administrative Rule
Download JS - Student Fees, Fines, and Charges
Download JS-R - Student Fees, Fines, and Charges
Folder Section K - Community Relations (23 Files)
Download KAA- Parent Involvement in Education
Download KB- Public Information Program
Download KBCA- News Release
Download KBE - Bond Campaigns/Political Campaign Materials
Download KDD- Media Relations
Download KDD-R- Media Relations
Download KG- Use of School Facilities
Download KG-E- Use of School Facilities
Download KG-R- Use of Facilities
Download KGC- Use of Tobacco and Related Products
Download KH Public Gifts Donations to the schools
Download KI Solicitations in Schools
Download KJ - Advertising in the Schools
Download KK - Visitors to the Schools
Download KL - Complaints from the Public
Download KLF - Relations with Parks and Recreation Agencies
Download KLG - Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities
Download KLG-R Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities
Download KLH- School Resource Officers
Download KM- Relations With Community Organizations
Download KNBA- Complaints About Instructional Materials
Download KNBA-R- Complaints about Instructional Materials
Download Policy Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials KNBA-E
Folder Section L - Agency Relations (3 Files)
Download LE - Relations with Colleges and Universities
Download LEA - Student Teaching and Internships
Download LI - Relations with Educational Accreditation Agencies