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Tool Tutorials

Click here for step-by-step tutorials of different tools

Create a Google Account w/ GCSD Email
















ETV Streamline: Download Videos and Embed in Flipcharts 



Movie Maker: Adding Naration 



Promethean/ActivInspire: Creating Assessments



Promethean/ActivInspire: Activotes/ActivExpressions - Registering and Naming



Promethean/ActivInspire: ActivExpressions - Creating Self Paced Assessments (Boggle for Kindergarten Center)



Little Bird Tales: Creating, Assigning, and Sharing Assignments



Little Bird Tales: Student View and Tutorial



Little Bird Tales: Embed Student Project Onto Teacher WebPage



Create an Edmodo Account and Join a Group




Create a Word Search Station for the Promethean Board




Using Discus to Search for Images and Save to a Folder


Upload and Video to Teacher Webpages


ETV to Teacher Webpages